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by Sumit Mund | Nov 22, 2013

Today, Hadoop has been synonymous with big data as it has been the platform of choice for big data processing. Apache™ Hadoop® is an open source project governed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) that allows you to gain insight from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data quickly and without significant investment.


What is big data and how big it is?

by Sumit Mund | Jul 29, 2013

Yesterday, I was discussing with my younger brother who works as a petrophysicist. He suddenly paused me, "Hey, wait. I am hearing much about this big data. What makes this big data and how is it different from the data we deal?" I face this question quite often by clients as well. As I started my 5 minutes lecture to him on big data, I decided to compose a post with some nice collections to give a beginner a head start to big data. And here I am...



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